Representin’ the Small Towns and Rural Counties of America

Country Boy Pimp™

Country Boy Pimp™ is in the family of brands created of Davo (a.k.a. Ovadeus and American Cowboy). As an artist, designer, creative problem solver, and dedicated mentor, David Edwin Meyers has embraced the power and awe-inspiring possibilities that digital technologies provide to the individual since the launch of the Apple Macintosh in the early 1980s.

As an illustrator, his works appeared among the first digitally-created artworks appearing in print, in the early issues of MacWorld (1985), just after the introduction of the Mac. His instructors and mentors included illustration legends and New York Society of Illustrators Hall-Of-Famers Joe Bowler, David Passalacqua, Herbert Tauss, David Grove, Bob Peak, and Murray Tinkelman.

Other brands include:

+ MusicPax (FREE Music Platform)
+ One Speed Swim Gear: Apparel for Swim Team Communities
+ Black Flag Warriors: Apparel for Veterans and Patriots
+ Country Boy Pimp: Goodies and gifts for rural Americans